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The Washington Post
Ranked-choice voting went smoothly in New York. But it won’t save our democracy. (June 29, 2021)

Why did Putin oppose Clinton? Decades of American hypocrisy. (April 20, 2017)

The U.S. military’s ongoing slur of Native Americans (6/26/14)
Please read the follow-up piece, What Is Political Correctness?

The New Republic
Don’t Blame the “Check Your Privilege” Essay-Writer. Blame His Editors. (5/14/14)

The Boston Globe
Boston’s Bluegrass (1/5/14)

A neighborly knock on the loud, late student party (9/11/13)

Can Boston Break Identity Politics? (9/8/2013)

R.I. upholds church-state separation (7/26/13)

Beyond Bulger (7/19/13)

A fundamental right to be able to die in peace (7/12/13)

Photo ID requirement for EBT is wasteful, punitive (7/5/13)

Cross this line… and I’m gonna do nothing!: The strange truth about ultimatums (6/23/13)

Obama’s power grab threatens FDA (5/3/13)

Where’s the Political Imagination? (3/22/13)

Brainiac (guest blogger for week of 10/25/12; link is to highlighted entries)

How digital art decays—and how to save it (1/20/13)

Poverty’s Boiling Point (8/16/11)

Smoking Opponents, Please Butt Out (5/15/10)

Boston Review
What Rule-Based International Order? (March 2, 2022)

A Politics of the Future (6/12/20)

Mass. High Court Says Black Fears Matter (9/28/16)

NATO Has Problems, But Trump Won’t Fix Them (8/22/16)

Trump Voters Are Awakening America from Its Post-Racial Dream (2/29/16)

Colin Dayan’s Ethics Without Reason (1/ 12,/16)

Thoreau’s Public Mind (10/14/15)

GMOs Are Safe—So Let’s Label Them (7/24/15)

Desegregation Is Not Intolerable Social Engineering (7/22/15)

Racism: Dumb and Personal / Smart and Structural (6/22/15)

Police Manipulate Freddie Gray Story Through Leak (4/30/15)

The Indiana Backlash (3/31/15)

Netanyahu Is Right: U.S.-Israel Relations Are Here to Stay (3/3/15)

Americans Love King Because They Don’t Understand Him (1/20/15)

Righteous Indignation in Ferguson (11/25/14)

The Contradiction of Nuclear Democracy (9/26/14)

Six Shots in Michael Brown (8/18/14)

Market Basket’s Fair Deal (7/29/14)

A Hobby Lobby Afterthought (7/11/14)

What Is Political Correctness? (6/30/14 – follow up to The U.S. military’s ongoing slur of Native Americans)

Gangsta Folk (3/27/14)

Belle Knox and the Identity Monster (3/20/14)

Tsarnaev: Dismantle the Gallows (2/3/14)

Suffering and the Second Amendment Debate (1/16/14)

Gondry on Chomsky (12/6/13)

Where Does the U.S.-Iran Deal Leave Israel? (12/2/13)

The Other Mayor’s Race (10/25/13)

Why Didn’t Ed Markey Vote “No”? (9/5/13)

Poll: Yes To Affirmative Action, No To Racial Preferences (8/9/13)

Terms of Enhancement (7/25/13)

Zimmerman: The Criminal Trial Is a Privilege of Whiteness (7/15/13)

Let Rob Ford Smoke Crack (6/4/13)

Who Are You Calling Poor? (2/8/13)

WBUR Cognoscenti
Getting Some Perspective On Bike Safety In Boston (9/4/15)

On Olympics, Mayor Walsh Finally Came To His Senses (7/28/15)

Soaking the Buskers of Faneuil Hall (5/14/15)

Amid The T’s Crisis, Gov. Baker Is Showing His Management Style. It’s Not Pretty. (2/12/15)

Keep Rollin’: A Cyclist’s Case for the Idaho Stop (9/18/14)

America’s Debt To The Children Crossing Our Border (8/4/14)

Big Money, Politics And The High Court: Considering The Implications Of McCutcheon V. FEC (4/3/14)

Pete Seeger’s Radical Simplicity (1/31/14)

A Child Who Kills Is Still a Child (1/2/14)

‘Upskirting’: Creepy, but Legal (11/13/13)

City Hall: A Riposte (9/26/13) [listen to the radio version]

In Defense of My Generation (9/26/12)

Al Jazeera America
For Democratic pragmatists, Sanders is the better choice (1/31/16)

The conservative politics of the same-sex marriage ruling (6/30/15)

‘Blurred Lines’ ruling makes influence illegal (4/4/15)

Americans support the Obama Doctrine (6/20/14)

The Isolationism Canard (9/17/13)

The Baffler
Worst Laid Plans (April 12, 2023)

Empire in Denial (May 7, 2019)

The Washington Spectator
Trumping Judicial Review: Will this president redefine the role of the judiciary? (2/21/17)

The Christian Science Monitor
Review of For Discrimination (9/12/13)

The American Prospect
Big Brother Boston? (4/16/13)

Democracy Journal
Ranked-Choice Voting Is Not the Answer (November 3, 2016)

Los Angeles Review of Books
Pleading Out: America’s Broken Public Defense System (3/18/13)

How Pay-Pal Squeezes Merchants with Unfair and Likely Illegal Business Practices (12/18/11)

Diversity Against Justice (10/15/12)

Against Innovation (9/10/12)

An Open Letter To People Who Insist That New York Is the Only Place To Get a Decent Bagel (10/22/10)

Rain Taxi Review of Books
Review of Philosophers Without Gods Rain Taxi Review of Books (Summer 2008)

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