Media appearances

The Resignation of Beverly Scott
Radio Boston, WBUR (2/12/15)
I joined WBUR’s live midday local program to discuss the surprising resignation of the MBTA’s general manager and her treatment by Governor Charlie Baker amid the transit system’s winter 2015 crisis.

Keep Rollin’—A Cyclist’s Case for the Idaho Stop
Morning Edition, WBUR (10/7/14)
In this recorded radio essay, I argue for new road rules to make cycling easier and safer on city streets.

Performance Enhancers and Sports
The Stream, Al Jazeera America (10/10/13)
I participated in a live TV round-table on the ethics of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.

Boston City Hall—A Riposte
Morning Edition, WBUR (10/7/13)
My recorded radio essay defending a much-maligned architectural landmark—Boston City Hall—after disparaging comments by Marty Walsh, who would soon be elected its next occupant.

Banner image: detail from The Old Ford, Grace Wilson.